September 07, 2014

Breaking News of No Boycott

Forbes Magazine made a new list of the top 10 health technology companies in the world. Five of them are from Israel. 

Among these is ReWalk Robotics, inventors of an apparatus that allows people who have spinal injuries that keep them confined to wheel chairs to be able to walk with the help of a “wearable exoskeleton” supporting hip and knee motion.

In clean technology, Israel outranked every country in the world in 2014 according to the World Wildlife Fund and the Clean-Tech Group that compared 40 countries in terms of their renewable and environmental energy development.  Israel is especially good at water management and in this area is “many levels ahead of other countries.”

An Israeli company has just signed a billion dollar agreement to improve water systems and tackle water shortages in Kazakhstan. “Mekorot will assist the Kazakhstan government in developing the local water system and establishing a national water company…”  

Israel recently contracted with Jordon to send them $15 billion worth of natural gas from the Leviathon energy field over the next 15 years. This is in addition to the $500 million worth Jordan already ordered from the Tamar gas field. Egypt and the Palestinian Authority also import natural gas from Israel.  (The PA was Israel’s first customer.)

“The Jordanians turned to Israel because their supply of natural gas from Egypt had been halted by repeated terrorist attacks on the gas pipeline from Egypt.”

And the beat goes on: Legends--Beach Boys; Metal—KISS; Indie-- Emperor X; and whatever category is Lady Gaga--are performing soon.

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