November 05, 2013

Why Israel Doesn’t Excel At Public Relations

It’s too nice here.  Too entertaining. Too busy. Too intense. Too productive. Too successful. Too much going on. Too crazy.  So the crazy stuff that’s said about Israel – that felt very pressing to me in California – seems ridiculous here.

Ride the light rail in Jerusalem crushed against every possible demographic of Israel and then talk back to people who shout about “apartheid”? Hang out at the beach, the river, the cafes in Tel Aviv and then worry about the lack of worry about Iran?

Time Magazine had a cover story a few years ago that was outrageous. The title was “Why Israel Doesn’t Care About Peace.” It was a hit piece, really, criticizing Israelis for going on with their lives even though there is no peace settlement (not counting the one with Jordan and the one with Egypt). The story I've wondered about is Why Israeli PR Doesn’t Fight Back Harder. But being here now, it makes sense.

Because it’s hard to be riled up about how misrepresented Israel is when you are in the midst of everyday life that is misrepresented.  It’s hard to take it seriously.  It's hard to believe it's even happening. 

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