November 21, 2013

For Whom Is Iran Building Weapons?

On CNN, Jack Tapper sets up an interview with Israeli spokesman Mark Regev designed to focus on Israel’s relationship with America. But Regev keeps the focus on Iran’s relationship with nuclear weapons, and leaves a very dramatic impression on “the average viewer at home” (Tapper’s term).

Regev’s points:

1. This “deal” seems a lot like the deal with North Korea and we know how well that worked out.

2. The idea that fewer sanctions will result in Iran discontinuing its building of nuclear weapons is based on the “falsehood” that Iran is somehow going to be motivated by fewer sanctions, small steps taken by the West, when Iran has not yet dismantled a “single centrifuge.”

3. The big one: Iran is building “intercontinental missiles,” says Mark Regev.  “They’re not building them for us; they already have missiles that can reach Israel. They’re building them for you, for targets in America and Western Europe.”

Here's the interview:

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