April 05, 2014

Hebron Locals "Want Quiet Already"

                                                                                                                  Roman Lozovsky photo

Activists arrived in Hebron last week bringing Palestinian flags, cameras, and apparently, the intention of creating news of a confrontational demonstration. Their focus was the Israeli Supreme Court ruling that the “Peace House” building in Hebron does, in fact, legally belong to the Jewish owners who purchased it years ago.  

But, shortly after the protesters showed up, they were confronted by a number of Palestinian Arabs who, unlike the activists, actually live in Hebron.  Said one of the Palestinian residents of Hebron:

 "For a relatively long period there's been quiet and co-existence here between the Jewish and Palestinian residents, and this protest only damages the neighbors living nearby who want quiet already…"
We want quiet already” is not yet the brilliant slogan of a new moderate coalition; one can hope it will be. Meanwhile, these Palestinian locals not only prevented the protesters from making news, they “kicked them out of the city.”

Seems newsworthy to me. And it’s not hard to imagine the plentitude of headlines had the outsiders been escorted from the city by Jewish residents.

Will mainstream media pick up this story?